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Name:Mass Flow Measurement for Bulk Materials

Our solid flow meter MF 3000 is designed for flow measurement in metallic pipes from a few kg / h to many t / h. The system is suitable for on- line measurements of powders, dusts, pellets, and granules from 1 nm up to 2 cm in pneumatic or free fall conditions.The measurement principle of the MF 3000 is based on the physical Doppler-Effect, whereas the sensor generates a uniform field in the microwave frequency range inside the pipe. These microwaves are being reflected by particles passing through the pipe. Calculation of frequency and amplitude changes allows for accurate determination of solid flow. Non- moving particles like dust accumulation are excluded from the calculation.
The installation is simple and cost effective via a welded branch, through which the sensor is screwed flush to the inside of the pipe. The sensor is connected to a DIN-rail mounted transmitter with 4...20 mA, RS232 and RS485 output. The calibration is easy by using our MF– SMART software and a reference flow value.
Main Benefits:

● For pneumatic conveyors and free falling processes; 
● For all solid materials from a few kg/h to many t/h; 
● No armatures inside the pipe and inside flush fitting; 
● Very fast and contactless measurement; 
● Easy, quick and cost effective installation and start-up; 
● Galvanic separated DIN-Rail Transmitter with RS232- and RS485-Interface; 
● Robust stainless steel version, abrasion and maintenance free;
● Limit value monitoring with alarm contact; 
● Sensor-transmitter distance up to 2.000 m; 
● Easy and quick calibration; 
● Adjustable sensitivity; 
● Optional: ATEX for Zone 20 and Zone 2; 



 A branch is welded onto the pipe. A 18 mm hole is drilled, the sensor is mounted flush with the inner diameter of the pipe. For commissioning and calibration a notebook with our MF-SMART software needed.

Calibration can be performed with either one or multiple reference flow amounts. The measure- ment value is output either analog or as digital signal. A serial COM interface is available at the front of the transmitter to connect a notebook computer and a RS485 interface for connection to a PLC system.

Process Data MF3000
Measurement start free fall : ca. 1 kg/h
Measurement start pneumatic ca. 1 kg/h
Max. pipe diameter DN 300 (bigger diameter on request)
Grain size 1 Nanometer up to 20 mm

Moisture Depending on the product 
Pressure Up to 6 bar (Option up to 30 bar)
Process temperature -20 up to +90°C (Option up to +750°C)

Technical Data Sensor
Medium touched parts Stainl. steel 1.4307 and PA 6.6
Process connecting Welding flange
Housing material Stainl. steel 1.4307 or ST522
Protection class IP 65
Power supply Via transmitter

Technical DataTransmitter
Construction DIN-Rail, 22,5 mm
Auxiliary energy 24 V AC/DC
Power consumption  Max. 2W (+0,3 – 8,5W for thermocouple)
Ambient temperature -10 to +60°C
Protection class IP 30
Output signal 0 / 4-20 / 22 mA (maximum 750Ω); 0 / 2-10 / 11V
Interface standardRS232 and RS485

Application examples of successfully measured products


All dust, powders, granulates, panels, threads etc. Also sticking or abrasive materials


Animal feed industry Building materials industry Cement industry
Chemical industry Detergent industry Engineering companies Food industry
Glass production
Metal production

Range of detection:

from kg/h to many t/h

Pharmaceuticals Pigment production Plastic industry Production of ceramics
Production of rubber goods Production of textiles Tobacco industry
Washing powder industry

MF3000 installed in vertical pipe

MF3000 installed in horizontal pipe

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