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Name:FlowSlide for Solid Flow Measurement

The FlowSlide is one of the most accurate flow measuring systems for free flowing solids.The measured product is guided over a circular slide chute. It then creates a centripetal force, which is directly proportional to flow rate. Because of the special design, the frictional forces cause the measuring slide to lift - so the measurement is largely unaffected regardless of bulk density, grain size and elasticity. The system can be factory calibrated with superb accuracy.The FlowSlide - system is delivered with a “self cleaning” - function based on pneumatic air nozzles.

Measurement independent from grain size and density
·Excellent repeatability and accuracy
·factory calibrated
·very low maintenance



Inside the FlowSlide meter the product is running over a curved slide. The product is generating a centripetal force directly proportional to the flow rate. Due to the special force transmission into the load cell, the measurement is almost unaffected by product density, grain size and friction. The FlowSlide system can be pre calibrated within +/- 3% of range.


0 - 30 mm  (typical)
0.04 - 3.5 kg/ l
C3 /Full bridge strain gauge sensor (optionally ATEX approved for zone 0/20)
5-15 VDC
IP 68
+ / - 0.5%
+ / - 0.1%
Stainless steel
Aluminium - optional stainless steel or plastic
FlowSlide = 700 mm / Maxi FlowSlide = 1050mm
10/25/50/80/150/300 m³/h
Bright coloured graphic display
110 - 250V / 12 - 30 VDC
Full bridge strain gauge / inputs for taring & batch start
counter pulse (225 times/ s)
4 - 20MA / RS-232/485 / PROFIBUS / MODBUS /Batch contact
Stainless steel
IP 67
wall- or panel mounting
-10°C - 40°C
Precise and maintenance free Flow Meter for free flowing solids, especially used in chemical, building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

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