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FlowSlide for Solid Flow MeasurementFlowSlide
FlowSlide for Solid Flow MeasurementFlowSlide [HENSE]
The FlowSlide is one of the most accurate flow measuring systems for free flowing solids.The measured product is guided over a circular slide chute. It then creates a centripetal force, which is directly proportional to flow rate. Because of the special design, the frictional forces cause the measuring slide to lift - so the measurement is largely unaffected regardless of bulk density, grain size and elasticity. The system can be factory calibrated with superb accuracy.The FlowSlide - system is delivered with a “self cleaning” - function based on pneumatic air nozzles.Advantages· Measurement independent from grain size and density·Excellent repeatability and accuracy·factory calibrated·very low maintenance 
Load cell for silos, tanks and hoppersSafemount
Load cell for silos, tanks and hoppersSafemount [HENSE]
The unique design of the Safemount load cells offers safe, precise and simple weighing for silos, agitators and tanks. The force guiding into the double shear beam guarantees high resistance against lateral forces and thermal expansion. A totally stainless steel module is also available.The “Safemount” Load cell is very easy to install - the double shear beam load sensor can be exchanged without lifting tools. The built in rod- and stay bar security allows for some horizontal forces and thermal expansion of the vessel.For low cost weighing solutions we offer a range ”dummy load cells“ that can be combined with the ”Safemount“ or ”Baby-Safemount“ Load cells. The ”dummy load cells“ can also be used to protect the life of the load cells during mounting or welding.Advantagesone size for capacities from 5t to 150tno rods or stay bars required*low vertical heightStainless steel load cell IP 67 - module with nylon coatingGuaranteed up to 5 yearsVery economicExplosion approval according to ATEX II 1 GD EEx ia IIC T6ATEX approval for Zone 22 does not require safety barriersoptional complete unit in stainless steelTÜV approval (50 & 60 t)* subject to static testing
MIC-Smart Microwave Measuring SystemMIC-Smart
MIC-Smart Microwave Measuring SystemMIC-Smart [HENSE]
The simple and reliable flow measurement for solids in pneumatic- and gravimetric conveying systemsThe MIC Microwave Measuring System consists of a sensor head with stainless steel pipe that acts as a waveguide and the electronic unit. To mount the equipment a hole for the mounting plug is first drilled in the conduit. The sensor is installed in line with the wall and therefore is wear-free.The system is virtually unaffected by pressure and temperature and provides a typical accuracy within +/- 5 % in pneumatic conveying systems (with even deviation of the product). The MIC sensor can be use to monitor and control the solid flow in vertical pipes and pneumatic feed lines. For pipe diameters above 250mm it could be necessary to install 2 or 3 sensors for a better average of the particle flow profile.The sensor face transmits a frequency of 24 GHz to the powder or grain material. The pulses are reflected from the particles and analysed via a special algorithm. The result is a flow proportional current output that is amplified and conditioned inside the remote electronic unit. The instrumentation displays the flow value direct in kg/h and in absolute quantity (kg) (t).Advantagessimple installation in existing pipe workmeasurement flush with wall and non-contactmaintenance-freedetects only "moving" particleshigh operating safetysuitable even for very small flow rates
Belt ScalesBS211/143
Belt ScalesBS211/143 [HENSE]
Customized belt scale with OIML approvalOIML - certified belt scalesThe “class1” version BS 143 is used for a different amount of applications, where an high accuracy is required and is especially suitable for approved applications. The weighframe is tailor made to fit in the conveyor, so that a minimum of modifications of the conveyor is required.The belt speed is measured via an incremental encoder at the turn drum.Both systems require a gravimetric belt tension system to achieve the approval.Advantageseasy to install due to tailored framelow total heighoptional suitable for ATEX categories I I2D and II3D (zone 21 and 22).
Weighed screw conveyorsHENSE
Weighed screw conveyorsHENSE [HENSE]
In many applications a screw conveyor is the ideal, dust free transport system for grain and powder products. In many production processes it is necessary to measure and control the feed rate of the different product streams. So it is an economic idea to use the conveying system simultaneous for the weight information.High precision load cells in conjunction with “state of the art” electronics allows us to achieve a reliable solid flow measurement 
Load cell for silos, tanks & hoppersT33
Load cell for silos, tanks & hoppersT33 [HENSE]
The T33 is an extremely robust load cell for harsh environment and rigid applications. The load cell is bolted in place via M24 hardened bolts. It is mainly measuring vertical forces but able to resist forces from all sides without slipping or moving.Advantagesvery rigid and stable load cell withstands 15t in all directionsimple mounting - just bolt everything in placeeconomic solution for on board and container weighingoptionally available totally in stainless steelother capacities on request*subject to static testing
The high-precision cell for agitators and reactorsTLC95
The high-precision cell for agitators and reactorsTLC95 [HENSE]
The high accuracy of the TLC 95 weighing module has been achieved by technical know-how. The upper mounting plate generates a tensionforce on the tension load cell (folded double shear beam). The induced force is thus centred even under difficult operating conditions. In this way fail-safe, high-precision weighing is guaranteed even during the blending process.Advantagesrobust self-centring load cellhigh accuracy - even during blending / mixingeasy to installLoad cell made from stainless steeloptional: ATEX approval for zone 1/2/21/22optionally loading assembly in stainless steelOIML approved*subject to static testing
料仓称重料位系统迷你安全型 [HENSE]
小型安全安装型称重模块的独特设计使得对料仓,搅拌器和大型容器的称重简单、准确、安全。无需通过导杆或捆绑对料仓进行加固。小型安全安装型称重传感器安装简易,无需使用起重设备便可对称重原件进行拆卸。内置的转向控制装置和防脱轨装置能够承受来自料仓的横向力和称重原件的热膨胀。该小型安全安装型称重传感器同样也可选择全不锈钢型。有效测量范围为1000公斤至7500公斤无需对料仓进行捆绑或导杆引导结构高度低(95毫米)IP68不锈钢称重传感器 - 模块用尼龙涂层2年质保高性价比可选ATEX Ex保护(22区,无安全屏障)选用全不锈钢材质
料仓称重系统卫生型 [HENSE]
简单、安全、耐用清洁安装型称重模块能够在恶劣环境实现精确可靠的称重,是化学行业或医药行业中大容器和配料罐称重解决方案的理想选择。该模块易清洁 - 所有的部件均采用不锈钢。清洁安装型称重系统可以在各个轴进行安装固定。如果有必要的话,在安装前可以将称重传感器取出或者在可以取掉或减轻压力。内置防脱轨装置和过载保护装置安装简单结构高度非常低价格便宜的不锈钢模块易清洁可选ATEX防爆保护可校准
称重式连续料位计智能安装型 [HENSE]
德国HENSE(汉瑟)拥有35年高精度称重测量技术经验。Clevermount不锈钢料仓称重系统(智能安装型)提供了一个智能的解决方案,卫生区域的料仓和筒仓的精确称重。坚固的安装组件在恶劣的环境中保证精确和可靠的称量结果,偏离中心的压力会被自动校正。再不拆除传感器框架和料仓的情况下,称重传感器可随时更换。带有“智能”安装组件的不锈钢料仓称重系统技术优势简单的安装组件可调高度,整体提升锁不锈钢称重传感器和装配模块10-2500公斤5年保证IP 68的OIML(校准)可选符合ATEX Ex保护
失重式固体流量仪迷你型FlowSlide [HENSE]
德国HENSE(汉瑟)拥有35年高精度称重测量技术经验。FlowSlide固体流量计代表了当今世界最高技术水平的连续称重给料设备,适用于测量自由流动的散料流量。FlowSlide迷你型是目前最小最准确的自由流动的散装固体物料测量仪表。技术优势· 测量精度高达0.5%;·失重原理检测;·在线实时测量;·测量不受颗粒大小以及密度影响;·优秀的重复性和准确性测量;·传感器防护级别IP68;·系统可加装自清洁反吹功能;·安装简便,维护费用低廉。
FlowSlide for Solid Flow MeasurementFlowSlide
FlowSlide for Solid Flow Measurement
Load cell for silos, tanks and hoppersSafemount
Load cell for silos, tanks and hoppers
MIC-Smart Microwave Measuring SystemMIC-Smart
MIC-Smart Microwave Measuring System
Belt ScalesBS211/143
Belt Scales
Weighed screw conveyorsHENSE
Weighed screw conveyors
Load cell for silos, tanks & hoppersT33
Load cell for silos, tanks & hoppers
The high-precision cell for agitators and reactorsTLC95
The high-precision cell for agitators and reactors
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